Minox Gallery

To view the images on this page correctly, adjust your monitor as described by Don Krehbiel. All these images are scanned from negatives via a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II scanner and adjusted as needed in Photoshop.

The thumbnails are cropped. Click a thumbnail to see the full image (usually about 50 Kbytes).

Minox first light
July 2000. This snapshot of my Mom is Frame 1 from the first roll I put through my first Minox. Minox A/IIIs, Minopan 100 in XTOL.

Gipson family reunion
September 2000. In-laws everywhere. Minox A/IIIs, Agfa APX 25 in XTOL. Processed for EI 50.

Cats in bed on a foggy morning
February 2001. This one just sort of happened. I took three scans from the same negative using different level settings, then combined them with a couple of layer operations in Photoshop. I was trying to do something else, but stopped when I got this. Minox LX, Minocolor 100.

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