Subminiature Cameras

This page contains items that I hope are of interest to subminiature camera enthusiasts.

What's a subminiature camera? Well, the common 35mm format is historically considered a miniature negative size, so anything that produces a smaller negative can be called subminiature. There have been zillions of subminiature format cameras. Most of the information on this page relates to the Minolta 16-II (pictured above left), but lately I've been doing more with my Minox LX (center) and IIIs (right).

So far I've posted the following items:

Graphical depth-of-field chart (with generic exposure guide) for the Minolta 16-II.
Subminiature electronic flash made from Fuji disposable camera parts.
Kodak ImageLink FS microfilm, results with Technidol LC and Rodinal developers compared.
Miscellaneous Tricks, a lens case, camera case padding, and right-angle finder.
Subminiature Camera Cameos, films in which subminiature cameras appear, (or appear to appear).
Gallery, now with three images!

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